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Patient Advocates Are Healthcare System Navigators

The Patient Navigator, Outreach & Chronic Disease Prevention Act of 2005 signed by President Bush on June 29, 2005 provides patients with an advocate at their side to help them navigate today's complicated healthcare system. Patient Advocate Group was formed in 1996 to assist patients to overcome barriers within the healthcare system & to resolve private & public insurance issues for "Patients, Seniors, families, employers, doctor's offices, etc. Our role as Patient Advocates has allowed us to help many people make the right healthcare decisions. We are persistent healthcare advocates.
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We Can Assist You With These Health Care Concerns:
  • Verify that your medical bills are correct & include no overcharges, errors, etc. 
  • Negotiate with doctors & hospitals to reduce your bills & save you necessary dollars.
  • Research denied medical claims, correctly refiling them. 
  • File medical bills for a relative or friend unable to handle paperwork.
  • Research information for you i.e. medications, doctors, diagnoses.
  • Employee Assistance Plan help to resolve special healthcare issues for employees.
  • Help with deciding which is the best insurance plan for you.
  • Advocate for you to resolve special healthcare problems.                                                      
  • Resolve unpaid/rejected Medicare claims, researched then appealed & refiled.
  • Locate answers to questions regarding Medicare benefits.
  • Help with locating Medicare doctors, rehabs, home health agencies, etc.

We are here to help. We as Patient Advocates have been assisting families for years to find the answers they need to todays' healthcare headaches. Our team of medical, insurance and coding experts are familiar with all of the codes and components which make up your bills. We speak directly to your insurer on your behalf. We review every charge, challenge unfair expenses forcing hospital and insurance companies to defend their fees. Often, they simply can not do so.

For help, call 972-390-1101 or complete the "Contact Us" form on this website with a short description of your concerns.

In the News 
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Success Stories
  • Located errors made by hospital admitting patients for surgeries in an in-network hospital  & billing at out-of-network rates. 11/10
  • Patient Advocate Group CEO was asked to write an article to be published in "Pathways," the new healthcare magazine published by Scientific American magazine. The article can be located by clicking on this link: "Passages"
  • Verified and disputed Secure Horizon bills for patient who was in hospital for several months. Disputed provider bills who overcharged for services & billed for balance of fees Medicare did not pay. 8/10
  • Wrote & researched article on newly approved    treatment by the FDA for narcotic addictions, Vivitrol.    10/10
  • Negotiated 85% reduction of patients hospital bill due to admission error of not informing patient that hospital was "not in network" & he would be responsible for most of bill; hospital settled for writing off bill & patient paid deductible.                       1/10                                     success stories

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