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Blood Brothers Patient Advocate Group
I created this site for a movie director to promote his latest film. Technologies used: HTML5/CSS3, jQuery. Linux hosting. This site was entirely hand coded with a text editor! (Update: This site was abandoned by the owner. The code now exists on my personal Web space.) I maintain this site for Patient Advocate Group.  It was orphaned by the original developer some time ago.

Reclaim Roundup DLee Squared
Go to the Reclaim Roundup Web site!
Go to the DLEE Squared Web page!
Here's a site I built for a client who recycles old computer and electronics equipment for a living. The site originally used the Joomla! content management system but is now just a simple HTML site. Here's a simple site I made for an Oracle consultant. After years in the industry, she decided to strike out on her own!  Technologies used: HTML/CSS. Linux hosting.

Countryside Creations Rust Pig
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Go to the Rust Pig Web page!
Another work in progress. Eventually this site will get a Joomla! backend and move to a production server. (Update: The owner scuttled this business idea, so this Website will likely see no further development.) Here's a site I made for a car hobbyist to display the progress he's making on restoring a 1969 Ford Mustang. Technologies used: Joomla! content management system (CMS), HTML5/CSS3, jQuery. Linux hosting. (Update: The site's owner decided not to chronicle the car project on the Web. The site now exists on my personal Web space.)

Seth Savoy
Go to the Seth Savoy Web page!

I did this portfolio site for a movie director. It's a work in progress at the moment. Eventually it will get a Joomla! backend and move to a production server. (Update: Another site abandoned by the owner. The site is currently on my personal Web space and serves as a demo.)