“Blood Brothers" is a unique short film production that combines the efforts of filmmaking friends Jason Miller and Seth Savoy. Miller and Savoy met at the University of Central Arkansas, where they both studied film. While working on the sets of fellow students, the two discovered their shared passion for cinematic storytelling, and would soon begin collaborating on small projects of their own.

When Savoy decided to move to Chicago to attend Columbia Collage in the fall of 2012, the two began thinking up a plan to continue their partnership despite their separation. What they came up with was "Blood Brothers," a crime thriller set in both Chicago and rural Arkansas which would follow two sets of characters who's lives and action were directly related.

Using a shared Celtix file to write the script, and countless hours chatting via Skype and text messaging, the two friends wrote and developed the short film, each writing their own story lines, then tying them together as one. This approach brought out more detail and depth in each character than could have been achieved by a single-minded vision. What began as an excuse to stay in touch quickly developed into a deep and enthralling screenplay that demanded to be made on its own merit.

Impressed with the script, Chicago-based cinematographer Brandon Riley agreed to shoot both sides of the film on the RED Epic for an extremely discounted rate, allowing the filmmakers to achieve Hollywood quality production value on a shoestring budget.

Production began in Arkansas during the first week of January 2013. It would last five days and take that crew from one end of the state to the other. Chicago production began two days after Arkansas wrapped. It too would last five days and would take its crew from the Signature Room on 95th street, to dark back alleys of the city.

The filmmakers would spent the next several months mailing hard drives of footage back and forth, using Dropbox to share Final Cut projects, and spending even more countless hours on Skype, discussing each and every cut.

Throughout this entire process, Miller and Savoy were never in the same city together. They would not see each other again until March of 2013, at which point they already had picture lock and were moving on to post sound and color correction.

The project became bigger than either of them had dreamed back when it was first conceived. It also served to strengthen both their creative partnership and their friendship, preparing them for more to come.

Miller assembled his crew from fellow film students from the University of Central Arkansas, as well as a few independent filmmakers from Little Rock, Arkansas. Using equipment mostly provided by UCA, the small crew would use every resource they could to overcome any limitations to pull off a top-notch production.

On the other side Savoy constructed his crew from Columbia College Chicago students but also freelancers. Almost doubling the amount of crew in Arkansas, the Chicago team had more than enough equipment, due to DP Brandon Riley, and enough hands to make the shoots run smoothly and happen quickly since many Chicago locations had strict time restrictions that ended up not being a problem at all.

Savoy used connections at Columbia College to get award-winning composer Eli Bennett onboard to compose the film's score. Eli composed the film all the way from Vancouver Canada. With a good pitch and some screening of some dailies, Savoy convinced Cory Coken of Noisefloor to head up sound design. His work consisted of sound design on major Hollywood blockbusters like "Goodfellas" and "Home Alone". With help from Stacey Buckner, Chicago's production designer, Buckner and Savoy ended up convincing Jeff Altman of Filmworkers to do the color grading. Films that have been colored at Filmworkers include The Dark Knight and Wanted.

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